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August 06, 2008



what did you use for it? mount board??


Hi Paula,

I usually use a lightweight chip board - something that is heavy enough not to bend, but still light enough for the machine to cut through. Since I usually cover both sides with cardstock or patterned paper, the pages are pretty sturdy!

I have also used cereal boxes! Again, when adding cardstock/paper to both sides, it adds to the weight. If you want the pages to be even sturdier, you can cut two pieces and then glue them together. I always paint the edges of my pages, so this hides a lot of the imperfections around the edges when lining things up. ;)


Is the cutting file still available, I can't find it. Would love to make it,I have a cricut explore machine. Thanks if you can help me.


Hi Joan - the files are located on another blog... here are direct links to the posts... :)
Book 1-
Book 2 -

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